Mindfulness for Senior Citizens

The benefits of Mindfulness are well documented.

Yesterday afternoon as I was thinking about my elderly parents, I thought about how they may benefit from practising mindfulness and meditation.

It is a well known fact that depression rates are higher for older people living in care than those living independently.

From virtual reality to yoga, there are many new and innovative ways that the healthcare industry is introducing to the elderly.

That inspired me to research how mindfulness and meditation is being used in nursing homes and aged care facilities for our senior citizens.
Image via https://www.sccliving.org.au/magazine/residential-aged-care/mindfulness-meditation-groups-in-residential-aged-care
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I came across a 6 week program created by Beate Steller, the Spiritual Wellbeing Coordinator at Nagle home in Sutherland. Beate had 13 residents participate in the six-week program which was a great response.
“When so much is changing in your life, seeing it with gratitude is important to feel comfortable with these life changes. You have to become quiet and still sometimes to be able to listen to yourself and process your thoughts. We sometimes used Poetry or calming YouTube clips to help find those moments of stillness and silence,” - Beate Steller
By the end of the six-week program the residents showed a greater understanding of how mindfulness meditation was affecting their moods and health. They were connecting mindfulness with their own spiritual growth and some associated it with relaxation, helping them to sleep and with problem solving.

I want to publicly commend Beate for this initiative and bringing mindfulness to the elderly. It is a powerful practice that i feel has the ability to improve the quality of life for all, including those in aged care facilities.