Mindfulness around the house

Mindfulness around the house
Mindfulness around the house

I recently wrote about my favourite way to get out of the house. But for when you're at home cleaning, this is a good practice:

For those of you working on mindfulness, I highly recommend using your house work as an opportunity to practice "active mindfulness"

Mindfulness is the act of maintaining awareness of the present moment, without judgment.

If you're unaware, mindfulness has many benefits including:

  • mindfulness can reduce stress, 
  • boost the immune system, 
  • increase empathy 
  • improve memory and attention

Most would say that it is not ideal to be moving, working, etc while trying to achieve this awareness...

But it is simply the easiest way to fit mindfulness into your daily routines.

Not everyone has the luxury of sitting peacefully on their heated floors enjoying absolute silence in the middle of winter.

But we all have to do everyday tasks such as wiping the kitchen benchtops.

Top 12 activities to do around the house while practicing mindfulness:

  1. Wiping the benchtop and stove
  2. Making your bed
  3. Sweeping or mopping
  4. Washing the dishes
  5. Folding laundry
  6. Dusting
  7. Caring for plants
  8. Cleaning the shower or toilet
  9. Hanging up laundry to dry
  10. Vacuuming
  11. Putting toys away
  12. Cleaning windows


  1. Will you be providing mindfulness exercises to go along with ideas?


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