A Guide On How To Overcome a Negative Body Image

So many people struggle with a negative body image. This could be because our experience with our bodies is not limited to magazines rocking photoshop. Instead, every day we are inundated with manipulated images, whether through the overuse of filters or Facetune. Constant selfies don't help either, as these also distort our perception of self tremendously. That said, there are ways to improve your body image and start loving your body the way it is. To help you overcome a negative body image, I've outlined three tips that I feel will work wonders for you.

  1. Eat More Nutrient Rich Foods

Don’t eat with a focus on weight or size; eat to nourish your body.

By focusing on nutrition instead of calories you can begin to heal your perception of food and its role in your body, leading you to appreciate how your body responds to the nutrient-dense food you consume. Another way to help is to practice mindful eating to understand your body's cues on feeling satiated.

  1. Be Happier With your Body Shape

Embracing your body shape is crucial to overcoming a negative body image. Not everyone can look the same or realistically attain the same weight, tone, or proportions.

Also, remember that not everything you see online – even by those who say they’ve never had surgery – is the truth. My advice is always to appreciate your natural proportions, as this will help you accept other factors about your body.

  1. Cultivate a Healthy Mindset

A healthy mindset is so important. Your mind controls your opinion of yourself and others. One way to develop healthy mental habitats and transform your body image is to change how your brain views beauty and health.

There are physical changes you can make, like removing triggers that make you hypersensitive about your body's appearance. But you can also focus on meditation and becoming more in tune with your body to develop a healthy mindset.

Of course, I always encourage you to find your own methods to improve your body image. When you do that, remember others are experiencing the same. Many people who fuel our insecurities about our bodies also have insecurities of their own. So, focus on your journey to a better body image and block out the rest.